Women are really vulnerable to sickness. In a society, the most susceptible to diseases or sever illnesses are women. This is probably because of the responsibilities, too much work exposure, and other possible reasons.

A lot of women are prone to lung cancer, breast cancer, tumor, leukemia or cancer of the blood, and other severely damaging kinds of illnesses. A lot of women experience this most especially those coming from the poor sectors such as the peasants, and also those from the working class that cannot afford to undergo general checkups and regular checkups. That is why women are vulnerable to a high death rate because of the incapacity for treatments due to poverty.



Most of the time, women beyond 30 years of age are vulnerable to myoma. This myoma is a medical condition that can also be known as fibroid. It is a tumor that has grown in the soft tissues of the body such as the uterus linings. The fibroid or tumor usually grows in the uterus linings of women. Uterine fibroids are also made up of the same tissues as the uterus linings. The only difference is that it is much denser than the normal uterus inside the womb of a woman’s body. However, the cause of this is yet unknown up to this day despite the medical technology advancements.


The myoma or fibroid accumulates inside the uterus of a woman because of the estrogen level of women. For women who have low estrogen levels, the myoma rarely occurs. While for those who have high estrogen levels, there is a bigger probability of being susceptible to the risk of having uterus fibroids.

Almost 20% to 50% of women are actually suffering from fibroids. This can cause high difficulty for the lives of women as it can reflect in uncontrollable and heavy vaginal bleeding, dizziness, fainting or loss of consciousness, and tachycardia or rapid heart rate. The heavy bleeding can cause a lot of trouble at home so it is best that the tub and the toilet should be well maintained as if it was done by Septic Cleaning Hampden County to avoid overflowing blood in the tub and in the toilet. The tumor or fibroids inside the uterus can be a large mass of tumor, sometimes; it is also formed in small beads. These may vary in sizes, however, if this is taken for granted, it can cause to transformation and accumulation of much more dangerous cancer cells.


There are four (4) different types of uterine fibroids. The first one is the subserosal fibroids which develop in the outer part of the uterine walls inside the womb. The continuing growth of these fibroids is directed outwards. The next type of fibroid is the intramural fibroids which is one of the most common type of myoma. These fibroids develop grows from the inside of the uterine walls that is why it makes the uterus even more larger than the normal uterus of a woman. On the other hand, the other type of myoma is the submucosal fibroids that develop and grown underneath the lining of a woman’s uterine cavity. These fibroids cause the heavy and incontrollable menstrual bleeding of a woman. This causes infertility and miscarriages in a woman. Lastly, the pedunculated fibroids is a type of myoma that grow and develop on small stalks that is connected to the inner and or outer wall of the uterus linings.


However, most of the time, myoma or uterus fibroids are benign or not cancerous. It can be possibly eliminated through medications or through surgery. During myoma or uterus fibroids surgery, women have the easy recovery after the operation. This is not a difficult and complicated operation. The myoma can be easily eliminated. So for those women who suffer under myoma, it is best to have it removed immediately sdo it would not hinder you in your daily life anymore.


Myoma is just a small illness that can be easily taken away. So it is important that it should be removed before it becomes dangerous for the body. So in order to prevent complications, as soon as you would realize that you have myoma, consult your medical doctor right away to get the best advice and to have it checked up immediately.


For women who are suffering from myoma, do not be too alarmed. This kind of medical condition can be treated in an easy manner. All you have to do is to become brave enough to face this part of challenge in your health condition. This illness will not cause death as long as you will not take care of your myoma or fibroids. All you have to do is fight against it. Of course, with this, you would be needing a lot of healthy foods and you would also be needing the help of your family and friends.

You do not need to be frustrated and depressed because of your myoma. It can be easily treated. In fact, there are a lot of hospitals all over the world that offer a myoma or fibroids treatment without the need of operational surgery.

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Health is a very important factor in making our lives as people better. Life with full of luxury, expensive and extravagant things would surely mean nothing without the existence of a good health. Health is a factor that gives people the luxury to enjoy life no matter what their social strata could be.

For most people, especially from the sector of women, a lot of people might be taking one’s health for granted. Statistics show that only 30% of people are aware of their health condition. Only 40% out of the billions of people all throughout the world has the capacity to go for medical, dental, and other services in terms of health.


Some people would just consider their health as something that is in good condition as long as they feel quite good and healthy without considering internal factors that might be affecting them inside their body. For instance out of 10 young professional men and women, only 4 people are able to consult their doctors regarding their general and mental health condition. 6 out of these 10 randomly selected people would ignore their general checkups just because they do not feel anything bad about their health.

Only four (4) people would give a damn about how healthy they are regardless of the fact that they do not feel unhealthy. They just feel that they are required to do so in order to maintain and to know if there is anything bad that happens in regards with their medical and health condition.


One of the most prevalent problems that young people suffer from today is their eyesight problem. The eyes are the most consumed part of the body that gives direct service for these young men and women. A lot of these young professionals or young students tend to use eye sight in order to read, write, work on their reports and in their chosen field of profession, and even to study about their academic matters in schools or universities.


A lot of young men and women are unconscious that they are already in the state of abusing their eye sight. Most of these young people overuse their eye sight by reading a lot of things from their books and or by overworking in front of their computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, or other gadgets. After over using their eyes in the risk of too much exposure to radiation, people would wash their face immediately as they are longing to go to bed right after doing the things that are needed to be done.

However, this is already a bad practice in taking care of our eyesight. After spending too much time in front of radiation exposure, the eye would surely need to take a rest before getting soaked up with water. Just like how it works with the human body of a person, the more that the body is overworked, the more that it would need a lot of rest before taking a shower or before washing. It is just like if the feet are quite tired of walking the whole day in the entire city, it takes a few more minutes or hours of rest before you can finally wash your feet with water.


This is a basic principle in taking care of your body. There are nerves in the eyes that are needed in order for us to see. These nerves are directly connected to our brain. As they work for hours for us to clearly see, they get tired as well. These nerves would surely need a rest before washing the face. As you wash your face, your eyes would surely be soaked in wet water. This will cause the nerves of the eyes to get problems if this practice continues.


This is the main reason why there are plenty of men and women nowadays who are still young, yet they are already required to use high graded eye glasses because they already have some problems with their vision. What is unfortunate is that, they do not know that they are already making a bad practice at home that makes their vision problematic. As this bad practice continues, the eyes get hurt and it causes the eyes not to see clearer anymore. This is the main reason why people at a young age have very blurry vision.



For people who are already suffering from eyesight problems, it is best to consult an optical doctor who can provide a more detailed diagnosis and treatment for the eyes. This should be done immediately because if the eyes will completely shut down its system because of vision problems, the whole body and the entire wellbeing of a person will be very much affected. How good is it to have a complete hands, fingers, and legs, without seeing the beauty of the world? All the things that you have been working hard with such as for school, for work, or for important things that you have been focusing at would all put into waste just because you can no longer see it.


Eyesight or vision is everyone’s problem. It is not only an issue that women should take care about. All the other sectors are urged to take action regarding this matter. Eye sight is very important to one’s health. Without a healthy vision, all the other body parts of the human body would no longer appreciate their purpose without a proper eye sight. So it is very important for people to be aware of these problems regarding their vision.


There are tons of people who do not have the awareness about vision. They tend to take this issue for granted. So as people who have some friends, family, and relatives, it is important to start educating them now. This is everyone’s concern, so spread the awareness in order for the world to have a clear and healthy eye sight and vision.

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