Types of roofing materials 

Asphalt shingles – these are most commonly used since these kind of shingles are very affordable and has better appearance. There are two types of shingles 

  • Fiber glass – this type of asphalt shingle starts with a fiberglass mat then covered with asphalt and granules that adds on color these are lighter compared to organic ones and prevent to be easily torn 
  • Organic asphalt shingles – organic shingles are made by starting on paper or recycled paper then it is saturated in asphalt. Organic shingles are more heavier compared to other asphalt shingle that is why it is mostly used since it is durable especially if there are strong winds present 

roofing materials

Wood shingles – wood shingles look natural and look good together with your surroundings it can last for years and also has good insulation system. There are different types of wood shingles to choose from 

  • Cedar 
  • Cypress 
  • Pine 
  • Redwood and a lot more 

Metal Roofing – metal roof can last for more than decades and decades because of its know durability and strength that can almost withstand anything, metal roofing is flexible in any styles you want it can be painted and you can even style it to look like tiles, shake, or shingles there are different materials used in metal roofing 

  • Aluminum 
  • Steel 
  • Zinc 
  • Copper metal 

Roof tiles – or modern looking way of roofing it is also strong, durable and looks good there are also different type of tile roofing to choose from 

  • Clay tiles 
  • Concrete tiles 
  • Fiber cement tiles 

Solar tiles –solar times are made of solar panels yes they are not that stylish but you can save a whole lot of energy all throughout your home for years to come. It is so practical. 

Flat roof – this is the most affordable kind of roof but we seldom see this kind of roof nowadays since it lacks style its simple. 

Natural, Composite, or Vinyl slate tiles – this kind of roofing is costly but it is very durable it will last for years and most people use it because of the beauty that it gives the home. 

There are a lot of roof materials to choose from if you are considering Roof replacement. It is also important to find the best roofing company to do the replacement we need to make sure that they are licensed professional since our roof are the most important part of the home they protect us from everything that passes by it every day so not only for the beauty of our roofs we should also consider our safety. We need to make sure we kind find someone that is reliable to do the job. We need to do a research and check their portfolios check their reviews and feedbacks because it is always important to know if previous customers are satisfied with their roofing job. We always need to find a company that will provide us quality services and materials.

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